Sardine Pate


Sardine pate with roasted tomatoes and soft cheese on those fancy mini-toasts from the deli.


Eating fish is good for us, oily fish in particular. In fact, we’re meant to get through 2 serves (about 300g) of the stuff a week. Most fish, however, is expensive; which presents a real barrier when you’re as broke as we are.

Tinned sardines have the virtue of being both inexpensive and oily. Unfortunately though, they are tinned sardines.

I’ve been searching for ways to serve them up that don’t fill me with the crushing boredom and visceral revulsion that characterises most food when you’re poor. This one is a winner. It combines the colour, texture and savouriness of pate; and all the health benefits of fish. All that for just a couple of dollars!


Sardine Pate (or at least what was left by the time I got to it with a camera).


Sardine Pate

Adapted from Ginette Mathiot’s recipe in “I Know How to Cook” for Sardine butter.


2 tins (125g each) of sardines in spring water, drained

A handful of parsley, roughly chopped

2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard

To serve:

Crackers or bread, antipasto such as sundried tomatoes, and cheese


Place sardines, parsley and mustard in a food processor. Pulse until it is the consistency of pate. Taste and add a little more mustard or salt if necessary (there is no need to add salt at the start of the recipe as the tinned sardines will be fairly salty already).

Use as you would any other pate – for example, spread on bread.