Weekly Reading #3

Every Sunday (or in this case Monday – but it is Labour Day), I’ll share the most interesting articles I’ve read on cooking, eating and food culture in the past week.

Our Calamondin tree (also known as a Cumquat), with the first fruit of the season.



  • If you ever wanted to see a tiny steak being cooked in a tiny kitchen, today is your day. Head over to watch Tiny Steak from the folks at Tastemade, and revel in just how small a steak can be.
  • Gourmet Pizza from the KitchenAid website is my new go-to English-language pizza base recipe. It’s similar to many I’ve seen in Italian. On a related note, “pasta” means dough in Italian so the pizza dough can be called “pasta per la pizza”. Neat, huh?
Mystery plant, courtesy of my friend P. Is it chilli or paprika?  I’ll find out when I bite into it.


My Year at Leith’s: Menu Planning

  • Plan a Dinner Party from the Kitchn is all about finding the joy in entertaining. As the author Sarah Kate Gillingham writes, “A dinner party menu usually doesn’t come out of thin air, it comes from a place of excitement.”
  • Writing from a more formal perspective is cook Anna Watson Carl at Tasting Table, with Dinner Party, Demystified. Her approach is similar to mine, but she explores why it works in much more detail. That might have something to do with the fact that I’m a housewife and she is a food writer specialising in entertaining. Go figure.
Zool’s little hand, closing in fast on the Rosemary. She ate a fistful while I was taking the photographs and seemed to enjoy it.

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