Weekly Reading #2

Every Sunday, I’ll share the most interesting articles I’ve read on cooking, eating and food culture in the past week.

Wholemeal Vienna loaf,  ready for the oven.


  • The Feminist Guide to Being a Foodie Without Being Culturally Appropriative from Everyday Feminism. ‘Appropriation’ is basically using someone else’s culture in a way that makes them feel totally icky. While exploring other food cultures is one of life’s true pleasures, it’s not cool to assume your friend with Chinese heritage somehow knows the location of secret ‘authentic’ dumpling restaurants.
  • Ariel Knutson over at The Kitchn ponders Is Marie Kondo’s Radical Approach to Kitchen Organization Right for You? I am a total Konvert, in my final stages of using her method to declutter my home, so the answer for me is “Heck Yes!” What do you think, readers?
  • Food Writing that Pays Well, with a Nutrition Degree by Dianne Jacob at Will Write for Food. If you’re into food writing and haven’t yet read everything Dianne Jacob has ever written, this is a great place to start. Author of the food writer’s bible, Will Write for Food, Jacob is all about taking a professional approach to your food writing career.
Ginger Nuts, from my high school home economics textbook Cookery the Australian Way.

My Year at Leith’s: Accurate Measurement

  • Mise en Place at the Reluctant Gourmet is a beautiful ode to taking an organised approach in the kitchen. The thrust of the article is that “mise en place is also a state of mind”. (The author G. Stephen Jones totally has my number in the section entitled “What most home cooks do”.)

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